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What is/are Life Line(s)?
You can use Life Lines to get help for running a shop. Going for a Life Line will cost you some amount (which will be mentioned for the Life Line).

How to use a Life Line? How many times I can use a Life Line?
You can use a Life Life till it is available on your dashboard (if it is not available it will be shown as Used). You can use a particular Life Line for as long as it is available. Remember that every time you use a Life Line it will cost you charges (mentioned).

What are misc. charges?
Misc. charges shows cost incurred for using a Life Line. It can also include other expenditures. In some life lines you can get some money back (such amount will not be added to Overall Net Profit/Loss, but will be shown in misc. charges).

What is Rank?
Rank shows your current position among all Shop Managers on the basis of most profitable. It includes Overall Net Profit/Loss Misc. Charges.

What is graph showing?
Graph shows your ordered quantity in the past day wise.

What are discounts?
Discounts are given by the supplier when you order more than a particular quantity for a particular item. Discounts may be applicable only on orders of particular days.

Where are discounts displayed?
Discounts are not added in Overall net Profit/Loss. These are shown in Misc. Charges.